Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Megapolis Hack

Megapolis Hack

Everyone is playing Megapolis nowadays! Since it’s quite hard to get Cash, Coins and other items in Megapolis, here is a Hack Tool for you!! With this Megapolis Hack Tool you can generate UNLIMITED Cash and Coins to your game account! Besides that, there is Megabucks Generator and many other useful trainer options! If you want, you can see a full list of amazing features later on!

Now I will give you a preview of Megapolis Cheat Tool! I am sure you like it’s design!

Now, when you know how does the Megapolis Hack Tool looks like, you can see a full list of it’s features here:

- Megapolis Cash Generator
- Unlimited Coins Adder
- Megabucks Cheat Tool
- Electricity Hack
- Water Supply Hack
- Population Hack
- Auto Invite Option
- Get Improved Solar Power Station

Great thing about this cheat tool is that it can be used both for Megapolis on Facebook and  for the game on your iOS or Android devices!!

In the end, I want you to see proof that hack works awesome! I just generated some items to my account! Check it out!!